Christian Prayer Rest – A Simple Guide To Understanding This Tradition

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Prayer is a necessity of the human experience. Throughout history the routine of life has been characterised by meetings and communication with God in some way. The Bible, the words of the Holy Scripture, bears testimony to this relationship. ‘May the God of peace Himself sanctify you wholly: May His peace which He hath with you keep your hearts and minds through the house of Christ’ (Heb. 10:29).

Christians have a tradition about their daily quiet time with God, the Lord Jesus Christ. This tradition traces back to the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned and hid from God. People in that time were aware of God searching their hearts and minds for the signs of God’s pleasing presence. This led to a deeper relationship and communion with God. ‘Then God said, “I wish that this good thing which I have toward You were still toward You’ (Gen. 22:14).

Similar to the activity of Search and Rescue (eyesight) is the activity of Christian prayer (the laying on of hands). The laying on of hands is whereby the believer speaks to God to lay hands on Him and make requests through prayer. Before the believer speaks to God he must lay hands on the person or object that he is speaking to. There is no spaces in between the touches because it determines exactly what happens. The apostle Peter explains this practice in I Peter 1:6-7 ‘6 Having then called with a word of thanks, I do not stop, but urge you with the utmost patience and supplication,7 As ye have done, hearing, perceive, and receiving the word of God’ (v7). We must understand that this is a EXPRESSION of GOD’S PRAYER. This is not a casual, offhand prayer. It is a time that GOD brings to our hearts, and for us, to see His goodness.

Moses going into the presence of Pharaoh on behalf of Israel had several options. There was the option of keeping a low profile, walking behind then king of Egypt, and being allowed to live in the land – all the benefits of the height of Mount Sinai; however, there were several obstacles that were put in His path. The major obstacle was the decision to turn to the Lord forgetting the Egyptian accomplices and friends that were spread out in the pursuit of God’s will for Moses. See: Moses separates Himself and observes in the spirit the ways of the Lord while on the surface he was keeping the attention on Moses’ own people and ways. The servant of God will often, but not always, observe the ways of his master. There are many times when the servant will get so absorbed in the ways and activities of his master, that he forget that he is a servant to do exactly the same thing that his master is doing. The servant essentially forgets that he is a servant.

The great blessing of God to Moses was that He opened the windows of heaven to pour out blessing upon the children of Israel. As a result, the children of Israel began to hoard the blessings of God to such an extent, that the Lord began to complain to Moses, saying that His children are too generous. Here we see a vivid illustration of how important it is that we too open our windows of heaven whenever we receive a word of thankfulness from the Lord. We too can begin to pour out blessing upon others by first blessing ourselves, and then also on our family, friends, community, country and world.

We too can take the example of Moses and build upon it to bless our families, our friends, our country and the world. inspirations from the life of Moses can and should bless our hearts as well, and then we will find ourselves too keep the windows of heaven opened for others to see.

The apostles continued their sharing of the word of the Lord until the day of Pentecost. As a result, they wrote the New Testament and the earliest complete books of the Bible. The result of their sharing was the great Church of Christianity, the most evident evidence of God’s presence and favor in the world today.

Apostle Paul lived in Corinth and he is the head of the whole Christian movement which today is known as the Catholic Church, Western Christianity. He presented the Christian doctrine that Jesus was incarnate form the flesh, but incarnate in the spirit, the only begotten Son of God. The differences in Christianity are like the differences between the Muslims and the Christians. Islam is the mother of all religions and the greatest of all religions in the sight of God. However, the greatest of all is the Christian religion which they are honoring presently in their alive faith. The true child of God is Jesus of Nazareth, born in a manger, who was as a man found out by Mary’s conceived child.

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