Faith As a Seed

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Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

How do I practically carry this definition into every day of my life? This article will give you an understanding into how you can apply this definition to your life.

What you see is a physical structure, which causes a change in your body. That is all.

Change to a more healthy way of thinking and Body is the desired result. What does that look like? Change to a healthy way of eating. Change to a healthier way of traveling. Change to a happier way of life.

You can apply this to so many areas of your life; how you treat/receive others, how you act towards yourself and others, how you live your life. You cannot only be outwardly strong but also inwardly andternally strong. Presently there is an immense amount of energies spiraling outward into our physical world and beyond.

The Mind is the builder and not the building. It is like the rough piece of music instruments such as piano or guitar which is a platform for others to exist.

Faith is a strong platform and it holds other spirits and a variety of energies. A veritable foundation is created.

Each spirit/energy creates a “desired” frequency, a “dream” to perform an act or have one that the Spirit would like to experience.

Faith is similar to a seed planted in the ground. The seed is invisible but it begins to grow. Then, when the spirit chooses to demonstrate that seed’s presence by furthething it’s self, the growing begins. Something is manifested.

Faith is a strong foundation and each of us build this strong foundation through our actions and choices.

You see, when others see that you are different and they are attracted to you, you start to notice that you are different as well.

You begin to develop trust on a deeper level. Trust allows you to see other people as different.

This allows you, as the benevolent action of God, to show them the error of their ways.

You show them the error in their behavior. Regardless of how broad or deep it may be; even if they appear to care; you show them by your actions that it is not so.

It allows you, as the co-creator of the energy and power, to easily release that power to the other.

Because you understand all is one, you understand that releasing the resonance of anyone else affects you. So you practice scenarios and actions which release the other party’s energy and pain.

Remember, faith is action. And action is faith in action.

Let’s take a look at the film “The Secret” to better understand and hear the definition of Faith.

Good evening, wonderful evening, thank you.

Faith as a seed is planted in the ground and it eventually comes to fruition.

You might say to me, “Well, faith is like having a farmer delivery your food. You know, if he told you that he had farmer’s bread, would you ask for that? Obviously, if you really wanted that bread, you would ask for it. So it is with faith. When you believe that there is a higher power, you act as though you have that higher power. And then that higher power follows your actions and word to do a certain thing.

Have you ever taken action in anger? For instance, I know of a woman who was majoring in psychology and was very depressed. She had been to a couple of different counselors and had gotten no relief from her depression. So she went to the neighbor who was also a counselor and asked him to help.

The neighbor went to the home and talked to the lady. The lady was a little bit upset but she answered everything. She didn’t understand why things were happening this way.

The neighbor then talked to the lady about forgiveness. She was ashamed of herself and confessed that she was angry with the other women in her life and that some of the things she had said to them were not lovely or kind.

The conversation then turned to forgiving her husband. She struggled with this and explained that she couldn’t forgive anyone and that they could do this for each other, but she finally decided to forgive him and see if that would end the struggle.

The neighbor suggested that she write a letter to him and hand it to him upon arrival. She did this and shortly thereafter, her husband called her and they began counseling together.

As they continued counseling, the husband asked about other people in her life that needed his forgiveness. She told him that she was ashamed of the things she had done and that she wasn’t proud of herself.

And he asked, “Do you want your husband to forgive you?”


He asked again and again and again yes!

Then he asked her again and again yes!

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