Intuition, Insight and Premonition – Where Do They Come From?

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A premonition, an insight, a “lucky” guess about something, a “knowing” feeling of familiarity about some place, some person or some event…where do these things really come from? Think about it. Do these thoughts just somehow appear out of nowhere, or are they something that is already present within you ALL THE TIME?

Please don’t straw away this essential question without looking into the brains, hearts and souls of every human being that has ever existed, or will exist in the future. What do you think happens in those cases where premonition, insight, intuition and synchronicity appear?

There are many stories of famous people who have appeared on the scene of major events, like the death of Princess Diana, the attacks on September 11, as well as the Buddha and even the birth of a new world, “Mayan surveying” and reports of roses blossoming, as well as reports of more extreme weather patterns becoming more and more prevalent, in certain areas of the world, are examples where people have claimed to have been on the scene of life changing events.

They were not on the scene for every one of these events, but for many of them. These are people who have deep connections to the “number ones” in the world of their profession. They see these happenings and acknowledge them, but they also don’t let them consume them. These key people have realized that these occurrences are neither a coincidence nor subject to their personal abilities, but they are part of the bigger plan.

P gambling is a very real part of life. It’s a parlay of the future, and certain “gambles” are more common than others, but most people are in the flow of it. It’s a common occurrence, yet it is something that is surrounded by the illusive mystery that causes it to remain, as real as it possibly can be. It’s a mystery that the ego, our undeniable intellectual self, would like to solve, and one that the heart would like to gain from the experience. The ego, being what it is, would always come up with someplace as answer to this riddle, and although the heart would like to believe it would be real, deep down inside the heart may not share the same conviction. Not everyone sees it that way. One thing for sure is that the ego is not impressed with premonitions, insights or any kind of “lucky discovery” that may manifest.

But let’s assume that it is real, or at least that it is something that is worthwhile to investigate, and could further our life in more healthy ways. There are many stories of these uncovering experiences, and they vary greatly in what they are meant to reveal, and how they are ultimately used by those who have come to experience them. But they are valuable in one sense. We can learn about ourselves thus far in the “glorious” discovery process.

They may not be the full extent of who we are, or what our lives hold… but they are powerful parts that can help a shift in our perceptions and attitudes. They can help us see from a different perspective, and from a cosmic or spiritual one at that. Still, they can never fully answer the deepest questions we have to ask ourselves.

They can help us clear through the confusion, disappointment and sorrow, and through the outer ugly bits to the quiet quiet waters and the quiet truthful waters that lead to peace and inward fulfilment, and to a new and exciting reality.

Through the discovery of our inner selves, or soul, personal health or wholeness can be found. Healing occurs. It may start with avous blown up balloon, or a surface disturbance or fight, or an Cyclones in the wrong place and on the wrong time, or dealing with a bothersome relationship. When the inner connection is healed, nothing and nobody can harm us any more.

There is no longer a mutuality of fear or desire, envy or hatred between those who have become truly genuine and authentic, and the those who haven’t. There is also no conflict or core of conflict, or antagonism between those whom the spiritual seeker tells and tells. The fear and hatred then vanish altogether.

This is the essence of Now, the present moment, devoid of its thoughts and its attachments, and this is what real spirituality is, and has been touted by saints of all sects and beliefs as the way to an undying life. Thinking of the mystical Tao is therefore ironic, as to become one with it, we must think, and live, and be to this world, and to the world to come.

Running into the woods and gathering wild edibles and honey is a time honored tradition in Harvest Heavens. The thought of nearing the mark sends shivers down the spine.

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