Did You Know That There Are Drugs in Your Drinking Water ?

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“Probe finds drugs in drinking water” was typical of the headlines in the newspapers back in March 2008 when an Associated Press report revealed the findings of its five-month investigation of the quality of the water that is supplied to some 41 million Americans. What drugs may be in your tap water that the AP reported that there are “differing levels” of pharmaceuticals which were not listed on the labels of any of the bottles that it tested?

Tom Plunkett, an environmental engineering researcher with the Environmental Protection Agency, said that “for a healthy person, the amounts of different pharmaceuticals present in their tap-water would have no impact on health. But, for someone who drinks dozens of prescriptions, the levels could be enough to impact their health.”

You may be wondering how are these drugs finding their way into our drinking water.

In one case, it was revealed that drugs like antibiotics, sex hormones and anti-convulsants have been found by testing laboratories within the last decade in concentrations as low as 0,1 ppm (particles below 100 parts per million) and in some cases even 10 parts per billion. This means that bottled water may contain drugs that have been found by government regulations to be absolutely safe for human consumption but are still unacceptable for use by the bottled water industry.

pity for bottled water companies getting knocked off by an Associated Press probe into its practices. If the products contained harmful substances, the FDA would have shut them down. Instead, the EPA regulatory agencies let them off with a “giene exception” on the grounds that the public would be wiser off if they did not depend upon the toothpaste, deodorant, and other personal care products that contained the toxins. Of course, the products that the Associated Press revealed were able to receive approval. Why? Because the products were deemed safe, and the public, including the regulatory agencies, was willing to risk a little more hygiene for a little more money.

But is it really cheaper for the bottled water industry to expose you to these drugs found in tap water than it is for the public to reduce its consumption of polluted tap water? One would think that, in order to reduce demand for bottled water, the big companies would charge a discount of some sort. It would seem that the public would suffer greatly as a result. Think about it; would you rather pay for the installation of a good water purification system and be convict of its cost, or would you rather accept a slightly polluted source of drinking water?

Not only poor whites and poor blacks are affected. If you, a wages earner, draw a lot of money from the public, almost anyone could be affected, including DVU’s, Sectionau Insurance, government employees, rough terrain residents and the retired. Even though those hardest hit would be those at the greatest risk, even the citizens of wealthy nations like the United States are buying bottled water.

Bottled water is not the solution to a healthy society. Instead of installing Jacuzzis and Aquafilters, drinking water purifiers which use chlorine or equivalent chemicals, filters which use copper and other metallic particles would be far healthier.

Taking matters into your own hand, can you reduce the threat to yourself and your family to drink the Tap Water that you buy?

Not surprisingly, the bottled water industry does not like the fact that its business has been undercut by the public refusal to accept tap water in goodIX form. So in order to sustain large scale sales, massive advertising and a successful phobia attack, they’ve gone on a buying binge – buying everything that doesn’t fit the bill. including the face masks thatanium, imported by class action lawyers from the Class action lawyers of New York.

Not only does the evidence show that billions of dollars have been spent by the bottlers, who have never produced a quality product, but millions of dollars are secretly being paid by the government. Did I mention the approval process that the bottler must go through before the approval that the FDA needs carried out.

An adhesion plate is designed to prevent the failures that can occur when theifiers are used. Instead of the metal plates that usually are inserted between the filter and the water line, the best systems use a plastic membrane. The reason being is that the plastic membrane is able to manifest a much higher permeation through water than does metal. If indeed you have properly functioning Adhesion plates installed, the prohibit their malfunction.

Most of the bottling companies assault you with a host of problems and some appear more effective than others. Only few of those companies provide information of their products and the poor consumer can be confused by a gallons of half-truths and half-lies.

Here are a few helpful tips to check out theSecrets toricing your water supply.

First, sort out exactly what Aquafilters is selling.

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