The Making of a Prophecy

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Recently I was listening to an online students’ program that was being used as preparation for a teacher-presentation. The teacher had a Top Ten list of biblical characters. These characters could either be historical people or people who were deemed to have a paranormal influence over the affairs of living. The students in the group spent about an hour listening to the program.

And then it was time for questions. Lots and lots of questions. I asked a lot of them. I am quite certain that I did not see everything that was on the Top Ten list! But I did manage to see something that, based on what I believe to be an accurate directory, I believe has never been seen before.

The title of the article that I wrote for this blog is “Spiritual Influences.” Why did I decide to title an entire article about Spiritual Influences? Well, I have always been interested in the supernatural. I have read all the books and studied all the cultures and civilizations. I spent many hours in the study and practice of our religions. I have studied and practiced the Hermitic Healing Method and affirmations. I prayed for the sick and had visions. I am familiar with the Bible and have read the bits and pieces that I could find. I am familiar with all the sacred texts of the world’s religions. I am also familiar with what the Bible says about various ethical issues and thought it all to be interesting reading for my friends who are not believers.

I found it interesting that hundreds of years ago, the priests of the world had variously forbidden people from writing about certain subjects, like specifically mentioning the Biblical Adam and Eve and the concept we find in the text about a fallen angels being cast out of heaven, angels who were not supposed to be afraid of God at all.

I find it interesting that when I would talk to people about the God of the Bible, I would mention how we have been loved by God up until today and how this love has not changed. Now, I mention these facts as an example of how the religion of Christianity has changed over time and how fundamental the teachings of Jesus Christ are to everyone. I mention them because it is obvious to me that what my culture and the world has taught me is limited in how exactly these ideas can be lived out in modern society.

Now, this article is not my opinion. Jesus Christ is the creator of all things. He is the sovereign over all people and He is the representation of our universal Father. Human nature is fallen and incapable of perfection just as the angels were. I believe that we all reside within an infinite being, capable, maybe, of redemption and can begin again to become all that we can be. This frees me up to explore issues from a better perspective, and not use others issues as a mirror to expand my own ideas, personal truth, and truth of others.

I am sorry to say that there have been several incidents with Core Values lately that make it apparent that my patience has worn thin. I am very angry at the church for what it has put people through. I blame the leaders more than anyone for the hurt and the staunch teachings they have toward any who break from their teachings. Many Christians have lost their core values to quick growth in other churches that use different Core Values. I see it. I know you feel the pain.

I guess it is the nature of things in a church. When the leader is more of a mentor than a friend, the members let it be known that this is not the kind of church for us. No, we don’t believe in that. We don’t want to be lectured by a minister that isn’t a friend to us. No, that will not do.

Others look at me like I am a fresh mountain from the wilderness with no human dust on it. I am easy to pick because I am easy to get along with. They may nudge the young preacher in but he knows he has a pretty tough act to make. They know it is mostly up to him to live out his words and not me to talk about what is right and wrong in his congregation. Well, I am uncomfortably and definitely stuck at the same place in my views. I do not want to be friends with these people. I am not them. I am more that what they see as sinners. I am tired of people wrapping sin and sinners in the same blanket.

I am done helping people be better than they are. No, if they want to be better than they are, they need to realize they are sinners, reap grafted seed, and not just two days or three. They can’t just change their view. They can’t just say this is our perception and we are going to have a different perspective. It just isn’t going to work.

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