The Path to Your Soul’s Happiness

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A large component of personal growth is identifying what your unique purpose is. Your purpose is much bigger than just your job or your career. It is a way of describing your true identity. Everyone was born with a purpose and whether or not you fulfill it is up to you. Not only should you identify your purpose, but you should also determine the actions you should take to fulfill it.

Identifying your purpose is a wonderful way to begin the journey to self-awareness because it helps you very clearly about who you are and why you are here. It also helps you to realize how your mind creates your life experiences and how, if you do things which are in harmony with your purpose, you will apparently enjoy a happy life.

In identifying your purpose, you naturally also come to realize that you have many areas of interests which are secondary to this main purpose. In looking at your life experiences, you may realize that you like certain things to do just because it reminds you of a hobby you had as a child, or because it is a sort of “passion” for you. You may also realize that you don’t like certain things to do. However, this is just a quirk of your particular life. The quirk is not to be scoffed at or dismissed. Your mind, while observing your quirk, is simply taking it on notice and doing the thing you dislike. This is perfectly commendable.

The problem comes when you decide you simply can’t do certain things because you simply can’t be comfortable or comfortable in doing them. The thing you dislike so much is the thing you fear to do. If you don’t push yourself to do it, you’ll never be comfortable enough or comforted enough to do it. You will end up pushing yourself to the point where you are uncomfortable doing it. You will be forced to go against your own feeling nature at times. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and it gives you a feeling of failure. The thing you fear will defeat you.

You see, your purpose is not external or to be achieved quickly. Your purpose is to discover who you are and how you want to use the different parts of you. You realize that you are a unique expression of energy, and you express yourself uniquely. This type of self-awareness or struggle may be easier to deal with than those who decide, “Whatever I want to become must be as big as I can be.” You may also feel a great sadness or cheerfulness for no particularly reasons.

The things you dislike so much are the things you enjoy so much. If something has the power to make you unhappy, it is not your purpose. You aren’t here to be anything. You are here to be happy, not be unhappy. If you are completely satisfied with your life, your purpose has not yet been fulfilled. You may be enjoying the path to your purpose but not maximizing it. You simply aren’t in harmony with yourself yet.

When you take a look at the areas in your life where you don’t necessarily fulfill your purpose, you will tell yourself that there is a greater opportunity available. All you have to do is determine your true purpose and take action to begin fulfilling it. The reason you don’t fully realize your purpose is that you make your life’s purpose the subject of idle thoughts and concern. You ask yourself, “What’s the use?” When you do less than you’re supposed to, you stop taking appropriate action. You put in so much effort and only see a few results. You then say, “I must not be efficient enough.” It is such an important concept; however, you don’t consider it essential.

You only consider it essential to the extent that you are currently treading water or wave Goodbye to the current idea wherein you are interested in the pursuit of your purpose in life. You must get out of the water for a moment and look to the shore. Begin to throw off your shackles and pick up your oars. You are presently bound and determined to get your things from shore. Get out of the boat and onto the water with purpose and intent. Take a look at what you may have to offer the people at shore. Take a good look at your abilities and your abilities alone. Take a good look at your thoughts and feelings and goals. Take a look at the various elements of your life and see how they fit into THIS life.

You are a unique expression of energy, uniquely crafted for a specific assignment at a precise time. You have an indelible connection with a high power that has only revealed your purpose to you for a specific reason. This “purpose” is many things to many people, but it is most important that it before your highest good.

Take a look at your life right now. What is the “purpose” in your life that is most important?

The Path to Your Soul’s Happiness

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