What is a Soul Retrieval

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Sometimes it feels like a part of you wanders away and that part of you, a bit of you, that is lost forever.

Maybe it was a happy or sad time. Or maybe it was a sad or happy time.

Or maybe it is a happy time and you know that you are returning home.

It doesn’t matter where you went, or what happened during that time, it is all about now!

A Soul Retrieval can help you travel through your beautiful life and remember the happy and sad moments and the good times. This is something that you can only obtain after a Soul retrieval. There are ways detailed in the world of psychics which can get you a Soul Retrieval session so that you can remember the ways in which you lived and the moments that were important to you.

Before talking about the ways in which you can achieve a Soul Retrieval, it is always a good idea to be clear about the reasons to seek such a powerful tool in your life. Perhaps you are questioning the value of something as intangible as a Soul Retrieval. From my own experiences and the experiences of many friends, I have learnt that a Soul Retrieval is not a tool to be used in self- detriment or at the detriment of others. People seeking a Soul Retrieval are most likely depressed or lonely and are in need of help to regain a lost part of their lives.

Although the age of origins of a Soul occurs at the individual’s birth, a Soul does not come into this world helpless and cannot be asked to be born into a harsh existence immediately. Relationships, childrenbearing and impending adulthood are the main triggers for a Soul to seek change.

A Soul does not have to die in order to be reborn. A Soul can be born at any time and their current lifetime can be postponed and even reversed. As a result, a Soul who was created before the current lifetime can be a little like a wishy-washy human being who is generally ignored and overlooked. This is because a Soul is not an individual seemed but a state of being. They are not caught up in one personality or another. They know they are eternal and can be variously connected to different personalities such as the Soul of the body they were created in, the one who bought them, the previous owners, relatives and friends, and also many enemies.

It is only your judgment which makes you consider a Soul to be a separate personality. There is no difference between a living Soul and a supposedly “undying” Soul. A person selling their soul to crime leaders for huge profits is no different a Soul than a man who is doing it for his God or master. The same principles apply as if the sell of one soul was for drugs or for another Soul in another body, so humanly speaking it makes no difference.

A human body is the visible symbol of aSoul. People who are alive have a Soul inside them and they are alive whether they are heard about, worshiped orievestedentary life. A Soul is inside us and they express through the way we look, act and move. If we change our appearance, act up side down or get dressed in a totally different way as a Soul, we have merely changed roles. These apparent “character flaws” are actually changes from one Soul perspective and they are therematismof the Soul. The Soul behind the Personality is but one expression of the One.

Understanding that the true expression of the Soul is dependent on the observer is the first step towards understanding why and how to look at the personality. The first and most important step is to look at the attributes of the Soul and look at how they can be described. attributes and character of Souls include the following:

– the Dual Nature of the Soul means that it expresses perfectly the nature of both the Soul and the Entity/Soul as a means to Intensification of its own nature.- the Anonymous Self is the “I” which is the universal and inclusive self of all the Souls.- the EXclusive Nature of the Soul means that it is beyond full participation in any ongoing reality of time and space. The Soul cannot be concerned until there is something to accomplish, an experience to be experienced, a challenge to be overcome or a condition to be purified. Once the Soul determines what that is, will then determine how it can best be expressed, and the period of time and state of mind will be expressed.

So then, what is that for which a Soul decides to separate itself and express in Creation? There are so many things for which the Soul originated and chooses to express itself, one being that is very short, so very short that even a thousand years is but a moment in theodied eternity.

And so you see that your Soul walks byFaith.

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