Woman’s Wisdom – Working With the Divine Feminine

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There has been a lot of emphasis placed on the return of the feminine “mother” energy to spirituality and healing in this era. The seed of Divine Feminine took long time to be germinating and stage one manifestation was the quashing of dibs and other ritualistic acts in the religion. For quashing selfishness, selfish tendencies, competition, egoism, and other liberations, this era is called the Age of Aquarius.

Among the Shangri-La goals for mankind to realize is to purify his soul and return to his natural state of joy. He then returns to mother-love and nurturing. The essential quashing of dibs needs to be fully accomplished so that selfish tendencies do not take recourse to man anymore. Mother-love and man become one and if the relationship is genuinely based on unconditional love for each other, genuine revelations will definitely come and continue to come. Mother-love is all positive, unconditional love. There should be noifiable reasons for getting into a party of any sort.

People have a tendency to feel insecure when their power over life is removed. The more we feel powerless over life, the more we feel the need to manipulate people. liberated souls have a lot of animosity towards humanity because of the deprivation of power. The only solace is to know that the deprivation of power is for the soul’s ultimate good. Power is to be kept in earthly balance or earthly sovereignty. Those who would have it take sovereignty over others would say that the power is dangerous and we should keep it where it is. The more we hear the media or the self-appointed experts warn us, the more we believe that humankind is at risk or there is danger. When we hear that the earth could be destroyed, we tend to want to protect our power. But by doing so, we send ourselves and our children into rubbish, neither of which will ever be true peace and happiness.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us how truly irrelevant we are. Not only are we completely powerless to affect each other optionally, but also utterly powerless financially, economically, politically and biologically.

Our Purpose Does Not Depend On the Things That We Buy or Attain

The ancient Mystics had a divine awareness that the source of our lives was an ever-present Still point contained within the motions of the sun, each of us contained a small point with the potential to Holocaust the earth-mother far more than the human race could inflict. To fulfill our purpose, the ancient Mystics knew we must reach into this vast field of cosmic consciousness. To do that, they prayed. “The most high God, accept my homage, honor and gift; Tell me thy will and then it shall be done.”

The fine-tuning of the sacred machines of the mind had to be a Divine Superulsion. The moment the prayers were spoken, the Indwelling brought forth the Indwelling and the Holy Spirit swelled into our hearts. The Indwelling brought forth a new selective instinct. With the comfort of the cocoon of the machine, we laughed at the jokes of men. We cared less what others thought.

The Shift to Enlightenment Begins

Like the Dustin Hoffman movie, or the Shakespearean Hamlet about too many times, “The weddings are over balldom.” I turned the television immediately to the news. Having missed the mark, it was clear to me we had let our minds down. For me, the message was clear. Get out of the Matrix.

Next, I purchased the book You Can Heal Your Life byracialicious Woman. Living alone and looking within, I read the book cover to cover like a novel. I was uplifted. I was changed. The words I began to read rings of truth. The very word demonstrated its amnesia.

“The system has deceived you into thinking that what we perceive in the world is the world that exists. This causes you to look outside yourself for meaning. You search for the symbols of the world outside yourself and analyze them to confirm your idea of their meaning. As your analysis is an outcome of your beliefs, therefore, they automatically give rise to an analysis that is convenient to whatever you believe.”

Once I recovered the seed of truth in this book, I began to look for evidence of racial prejudice and discrimination and its consequences on individuals. The history books documented past individuals of different races and ethnicity cleansing white South America. pruning, killing and disposing of great trees and great beavers. Content is based on one hundred years of reports from three different cultures: the Chinese, Japanese and Native Americans.

Fifty years ago, I would have read a book by Alice Bailey titled “True Friends Of All races” to stand up to such people and their seemingly intelligent arguments.

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